Patrick Awuah masterclass

This is not about about tech or related to tech but this is about someone who made me think different of Kenya and Africa. This is about you and me . This is about us changing how we think of Africa and our leaders.

Meet Patrick G Awuah founder and president of Ashesi University in Ghana. I happen to attend his masterclass in ethical leadership in the continent.

Patrick Founded Ashesi university back in 2002 after quitting his senior position at Microsoft with an aim of changing the direction of leadership in Africa through education. At his time, he really believed that his pride lied so much in Africa that he longed so much to change alot in Africa.

His masterclass was about impacting values in future leaders of Africa who happen to be the top 5% who can manage tertiary education in Africa. After seeing the trends Africa’s leadership is taking, Patrick was determined to quite his job and start changing the world.

Today, Ashesi University in Ghana is one of the top ten Most Respected Companies in Ghana. Its so called the center of honor, pillar of success. Here are just some interesting facts about Ashesi University:

  • No exam invigilations as students can self invigilate themselves
  • One of the top clean universities in Africa.
  • Center of not only excellence but also respect and descipline
  • They have what we call “honor classes” where students are taught to be leaders. etc
Fully watch this masterclass and share. Apologies the video is poor it was just zoom recorded.

During the masterclass, Patrick talks about the origin of his idea, how he proposes it to his wife who willingly supported him to his surprise and moving back to Ghana 1.5 years later to start Ashesi. He adds that his former boss really wanted him to stay at Microsoft but he rejected the offer stating the boss was “fighting a dream”.

Patrick believes leaders should be a true resemblence what they expect out of people. He talked of a scenario where one of the lectures call him to tell him he he cant teach in a classroom full of papers everyone and he gets out of his office to go pick the papers by himself.

“There is corruption here”, says Patrick as he begin one of his speech at one of the Townhalls at Ashesi. All students and staff got shocked by this statement. He simply meant some few candidates had cheated in an examination and the big question is “What does corruption looks like to a 11year old, 20, 30, 40 etc”. This actually was one of the most interesting parts of this class and got me thinking back to my life in campus.

Africa as a continent is not behind interms of development. what Africa needs are leaders that are determined to serve as leaders and are willing to change the African mentality and future generation.


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