Incase you missed my previous post about earning how to code on your own, check it our here.

Effective management and usability of learning materials is a skill that needs to be learnt as well. More often than not, the internet overcrowds our eyes with millions of content that we literally don’t know how to manage and use. 

In this post we are going to cover some fundamental ways to use learning resourced to help you learn how to code from beginner to pro.

As a beginner always look for a certified published book in the specific programming language that you are interested to learn. The main reason for this is that it will give you a blueprint of what you need to know step by step. An alternative to this is having trusted curriculum from a trusted source to follow when learning. 

For example, when you want to learn about TDD in python, a good curriculum will give you knowledge on what what you know about TDD. This is very helpful in creating your SMRT objectives and OKRs as well. 

Following the curriculum against your objectives will help you know what to go for/skim for either on the internet or book.  One mistake most of new beginners do is to rush to to learn new concepts. StackOverflow is for those stuck and are just interested in getting help. That’s it. Incase you’ve been using StackOverflow when learning then thats the shortcut I talked about in my last blog.  

When using videos to learn, you will need to get one from a trusted source. I really do encourage newbies to take their time, watch the video, jot down few noted, rewatch the video again and now try to do the implementation by themselves and even using a different challenge with the same concepts. This way, the video will be helping you grow. Do not watch a video tutorial like a movie. 

Lastly, Coding isn’t hard at all. But learning it might be. It needs your person attitude and commitment to enjoy it every day.  Before ending the day, make sure you do at least two commits every day. The success story of this commitment will fill the air in less than a year. 


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