Did you know Kenya will host it’s first International Computer Engineering Forum Conference that will be held in Nairobi at Park Inn By Radisson (WestLands)

This forum helps the IT, engineer and experts to grow in their practical fields and also helps them unite to form a competitive technology world and to be elites in bringing change in the technology field.this is an elite computer technology company that creates support and awareness. Areas to be covered are

1# Methods of creating an ecosystem favourable to Computer programmers/coders in turning to Machine learning technology.

2#Bringing programmers/coders(python programmers ) together to change the world of innovation.

3# Artificial intelligence projects deployment researchers in our centre.

4#Create awareness about Computer security in this era of increase in cyber crimes.

5# Innovation competition forum in East Africa. 6#Discuss ways and plans to protect institutions from cyber attacks.

6# Welcome as we learn more on Artificial Intelligence in Kenya and Africa

In case of ticket reservation call us +254733862803

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